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Water property (former marina) with 7881 m² in the best location of Merseburg

Object number: 283
For Sale: Land
City: 06217 Meuschau
Total price:
150,000 EUR
Land size: 0.79 ha
The property of the former marina in a good city location of Merseburg not far from the city park and the Saale cycle path has a property size of 7881 m². An old slipper system is still there and could be used again after repairs. The site was apparently already connected to the water and sewage system. The property to be sold is not far from the development plan area "Königsmühle district". The area is partly used by the local association. This lease can be terminated with a notice period of 6 months. The cathedral and university town of Merseburg, founded in 968, is located in the southern part of Saxony-Anhalt near the state border with Saxony, not far from the city of Leipzig and the cities of Halle (Saale) and Naumburg. Merseburg is the administrative seat of the Saalekreis, the industrial region Leuna / Buna / Schkopau and the Günthersdorf shopping park are in the immediate vicinity. The Merseburg cathedral treasure, the well-known raven legend and a large number of museums and culturally and historically significant buildings and facilities make the city a gem in Central Germany. The former marina is not far from Merseburg city center and the city park. The area of ​​the "Königsmühle district" development plan is close to the sales property. The property is sold as it stands. No warranties or guarantees on the part of the seller for a later use, if necessary, coordination with the authorities and authorities should be made beforehand. The purchase price is a fixed price, a long-term reservation is not provided, in so far as the sale takes place at the required purchase price of € 150,000 to the fastest prospective buyer, assuming creditworthiness. In the case of the brokerage of the property, our brokerage fee for the purchaser (male / female / d / company) is 7.14 percent of the notarized purchase price, due 4 weeks after the notarized certification of the purchase contract.