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Office / practice space in the center of Halle (Saale) for sale vacant

Object number: 248
For Sale: Appartement
City: Halle (Saale)
Total price:
210,000 EUR
Living space: 178 m²
On behalf of the owner alone, we are selling a 178 m² commercial unit for office or practice use on the 1st floor of an impressive residential and commercial building built in 1997/1998 in a central location in Halle (Saale). A duplex parking space is included in the purchase price of € 210,000. The commercial unit will be handed over free of occupancy. In the case of new leases, we consider a cold rent of between € 8.50 and € 11.50 per m² to be realistically achievable, in our opinion an excellent location for a practice or a law firm or office use. 06110 Halle (Saale) Niemeyerstr. The excellent central location in Niemeyerstraße, directly on the Königsviertel, the proximity to medical centers, shopping markets, the main train station, Franckesche Stiftungen and Leipziger Straße (boulevard) as well as the very good connection to public transport and the highways, connected to the city center, which is very easy to reach on foot, describe the excellent residential and commercial location. The property"s energy certificate is presented for inspection. In the case of the brokerage of the property, our brokerage fee for the buyer (male / female / d / company) is 5.95 percent of the notarized purchase price, due 4 weeks after the notarial certification of the purchase contract.