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Exklusives Stadthaus (Sanierunsgobjekt) mit Hofgebäuden in bester Lage von Halle-Nietleben

Object number: 221
For Sale: House / Villa
City: Halle (Saale)
Total price:
210,000 EUR
Land size: 226 m²
Living space: 210 m²
Rooms: 10
On behalf of the owner, we sell an attractive property for renovation in the best location of Halle-Nietleben. After renovation, use as an exclusive city palace for single use (living or living and working under one roof) is conceivable, alternatively the creation of 3 apartments would also be possible without any problems. There are still outbuildings in the courtyard area, which can also be expanded. Gladly more information, we look forward to your feedback. 06126 Halle (Saale) Nietleben district The Nietleben district is located in the west district of Halle (Saale). Nietleben can be described as the preferred and exclusive residential area. The recreation area Dölauer Heide begins north of Nietleben. A road crosses it from Nietleben towards Halle-Dölau and the municipality of Salzatal. The village of Zscherben lies in the municipality of Teutschenthal in the southwest. Nietleben itself consists of the old village of Nietleben, which stretches east-west along Eislebener Straße. There is also the younger settlement of Gartenstadt Nietleben in the east. The village of Granau was once in the west of Nietleben. In the north of the district is the Heidesee with its well-known and popular outdoor pool. The property is vacant and has no usable and usable heating options, the exceptional condition of the EnEV is fulfilled, an energy certificate is currently not required. In the event that the property is brokered, our brokerage fee for the purchaser (m / f / d / company) is 7.14 percent of the notarially agreed purchase price, due 4 weeks after notarized certification of the purchase contract.