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440 m² of land in Leipzig for sale440 m² of land in Leipzig for sale

Object number: 217
For Sale: Land
City: Leipzig
Total price:
160,000 EUR
Land size: 0.04 ha
On behalf of the owner, we sell a 440 m² plot of land in Leipzig. The purchase price is € 160.000. The planning law assessment is based on §34 BauGB. 04318 Leipzig Wurzener Strasse Information from the city of Leipzig: The planning law assessment of projects is carried out according to §34 BauGB, the property is located in the unplanned interior. The peculiarity of the surrounding area does not correspond to any of the areas mentioned in the BauNVO (mixed situation according to §34 Abs.1 BauGB). The area is characterized by predominantly street-side residential buildings along Wurzner Straße, an office practice building and a stonemason company with corresponding storage areas. On June 29, 2019, the city council decided to draw up a social maintenance statute for the study area Inner East in accordance with Section 172 (1) Sentence 1 No. 2 BauGB. The decision to set up the company was published on August 17, 2019. the property is in this area. In the event that the property is brokered, the brokerage fee for the purchaser (m / f / d / company) is 7.14 percent of the notarially agreed purchase price, due 4 weeks after notarized certification of the purchase contract.